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Creation of the International Public Policy Association (IPPA)

To support the organization of the biannual ICPP conference, the development of this ICPP website and other activities linked to promoting research on Public Policy, the main members of the ICPP have created the International Public Policy Association (IPPA). The Constitution of the IPPA as well as information on the Executive Committee and membership is now available on the website.

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Job Call for Applications: Deadline 19th January, 2015

Professor of Policy Analysis - Delft University of Technology

Professor of Policy Analysis
TU Delft

Faculty/department: Technology, Policy and Management
Level: PhD degree
Maximum employment: 38 hours per week (1 FTE)
Duration of contract: 1 year initially with prospect of extension
Salary scale: €5,003 to €8,795 per month gross

Technology, Policy and Management
The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management contributes to sustainable solutions for technical challenges in society by combining the insights from engineering with the humanities and the social sciences.

ICPP 2015 - Call for Papers: November 15, 2014 - January 15, 2014 Call for Papers - ICPP 2015


Please see our ICPP 2015 Call for Papers page for guidelines on submitting paper proposals:

1) You must create an account for yourself, and ask your co-author to do the same.
2) You need to identify the panel (name of the category, title of the panel) to which you wish to send in your paper proposal. All the panels are listed on the website.
3) Thereafter, you may submit your proposal using either of the following methods:

i) From the page of the panel you have chosen, click on "propose a paper." The system will prompt you to log in if you have not and then the following:
• The title of your paper
• The email address of your co-author(s) (only if he has already registered, you may also add it later)
• An abstract of no more than 500 words

ii) From the homepage, the system will ask you the same as above plus:
• The category of the panel
• The title of the panel

You cannot indicate your panel co-author(s) if he/she has not created his/her own profile. You can add a paper without indicating your co-author first, and come back later to complete your panel by adding him/her before the deadline, 15 January.

After adding a paper, you can modify any part of the information until the deadline, 15 January.

Once you have keyed in all information necessary, click to submit.


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