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Conference Call for Papers: IPSA closed panel

IPSA-Istanbul-2016: Invitation to submit a paper abstract to a closed panel - Policy Advice in Comparative Perspective: from Shaping Political Discourse to Policy Change

Policy Advice in Comparative Perspective: from Shaping Political Discourse to Policy Change.

Scientific knowledge in modern societies has become an integral part of policy making at local, national and supranational levels. Policy scientists try to integrate different approaches and propose more systematic and in-depth view on interaction between knowledge and policy focusing on analysis of organizations and individuals, who propose policy advice to decision-makers; “good” and “bad” practices of their interaction; discourses about this interaction; its efficiency, which main criteria is what policy outputs and outcomes, important for society at all, are the result of this interaction. Despite of collected empirical evidence of policy advise (policy advisors, think tanks, diverse intellectual communities, policy workers, and ideas) importance, and sometimes, power, in policy process, all these theories and approaches do not answer on the main research questions – To what extents policy advisors have an impact in policy change compared with other factors and actors or drivers of changes?

What is their unique combination to make specific public policy successful? This is connected with another question – How do policy changes happened? To explain this in the research field there are following theories: Multiple Stream Approach, Punctuated Equilibrium Framework, Advocacy Coalition Framework, and Path Dependency Framework. Current theories lack empirical evidence obtained through the systematic conceptualization and operationalization of these theoretical foundations, and comparative analysis of case studies from different countries and policy fields. The aim of this panel is to fill this gap.

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