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ICPP 2015: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Registration Rates

The registration process is open and participants may now register for ICPP 2015. The amount of the registration fees has increased after June 1, 2015. Please login to our conference site for registration.

Conference Login:

For those participants who have not yet registered, please do so as early as possible. For those who are in the conference program, please note that those who register after 1st June 2015, will not appear on the printed program, but will be included in the online version.

Details of the Program Online: Please Verify your Information

The schedule for ICPP 2015 has been published on our website, on the page marked as "List of panels" under the "Milan 2015" tab. Here, you can find the 1, 2 or 3 sessions for each panel, the day and the hour they will take place.

The final program has been sent to the publishers. If you are in the program, please verify the information in your account (name, first name, affiliation), the title of your panel and/or paper and any possible schedule conflicts which can now only be amended in the online program, and not in the print version.

Panel chairs establish the rules and the duration of presentation. The standard model is a 12-15 minutes presentation of each paper (4 to 5 papers) followed by comments by the discussant and discussion with those attending the panel.

Uploading Full Papers

The deadline for uploading full papers is over.
All the text uploaded through our system is automatically published online and remains so.

Registration Refunds

After the 1st June : Refunds will not be possible due to financial risks.Exceptions can be made for people encountering Visa Problems.Please note that the registration fees to the International Public Policy Association (IPPA) cannot be refunded.

Get Your Registration Invoice

Once you have registered for the conference, you will be able to find your automatically generated invoice by logging into your personal account. In the "my registration" space, you will find the details of your purchase.

Student Accomodation Now Available

On the occasion of ICPP 2015 Conference, the Politecnico di Milano will offer accommodation at low prices in its dormitories. These dormitories offer beds at 45€ for a single room and 30€ for a twin room in these two locations :
Residenza Galileo Galilei - Via Corridoni, 22 – Milano- Single rooms -45€.
Residenza Leonardo da Vinci – Viale Romagna, 62 – Milano – Single /Twin rooms -30€.

Booking and more information available is available on the following webpage:
or you can directly contact

Follow Us

For those into social networking, you will be able to find us on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.



Accommodation options are also available throughout our website. July is a very busy month in Milan and exceptionally so this year because the city will also be hosting the Universal Exposition. It always best to think ahead ! Cheaper student accommodation is available on a limited basis, but please be prepared to relatively lower hotel standards if you seek cheaper rooms by your own means.
Information on travelling to Milan :
Information about accommodation options :

Become and IPPA Partner

To support our conference, we created the International Pubic Policy Association (IPPA) in December 2014. The Constitution, and information on the Executive Committee can be now found on our website. We are open to proposals from interested organizations to become our partners. Please see our website for further information on becoming a partner of the IPPA and its benefits.

Become and IPPA Partner :


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