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ICPP 2015 - Next steps

By now, all authors would have received the decisions for their papers. The next few dates to keep in mind are :
- April 1, 2015 : Deadline for early-bird registration rates
- April 1 - 15, 2015  : Panel chairs will be invited to organize their sessions
- End of April : The Program will be online
- June 10, 2015  : Deadline for authors to upload full papers


The registration is now open. To register for our conference, please Log in first and go to the webpage "Registration". The early discount rate is available until the 1st april.

Member discount

Dont forget to tick the box "become a member" to benefit from the member discount for registration :

Gala Dinner

Because Gala reservations are limitted, please understand that we are giving the priority to ICPP participants. Husbands, wives, family and accompagnants will be able to register once the EARLY REGISTRATION RATE is over : starting from the 1st of April and in accordance with the remaining places left.


In this page, you can find a list of hotels that our partner established with a discount rate if you book early through this webpage. This list is regularly updated to add new hotels which correspond to a large range of prices and styles of Hotels. We are also working to find student rooms for a lower price. Please come back regularly to this page if you don’t find a satisfying option. Don’t forget that during this period, the City of Milan will be organizing the Universal Exposition and the hotels can be more expensive than usual and quickly overbooked.


To support our conference, we created the International Pubic Policy Association (IPPA) in December 2014. The Constitution, and information on the Executive Committee can be now found on our website. We are open to proposals from interested organizations to become our partners. Please see our website for further information on becoming a partner of the IPPA and its benefits, here


Our international conference takes place every 2 years. After the success of ICPP Grenoble in 2013, and with the increasing enthusiasm for Milan 2015, we have begun the search for the venue for ICPP 2017. For those who are interested in hosting the ICPP in 2017, please see the call for bids on our website here.

Creation of the International Public Policy Association (IPPA)

To support the organisation of the biannual conference, the development of this website and other activities linked to promoting research on Public Policy, the main members of ICPP have created the International Public Policy Association (IPPA). Further information on the constitution and the members of the Executive Committee is now available on this website.

ICPP 2015 - The call for papers is now CLOSED

VALIDATION of paper proposals : 15th febuary

CALL FOR PAPERS : 15th November 2014 - 15th January 2015 - CLOSED

CALL FOR PANELS : 1st September 2014 - 15th October 2014 - CLOSED

DEADLINE for sending us your completed paper : 10th june 2015

In order to accommodate all the successful panels, ICPP 2015 has been extended by one more day to Saturday, 4th July, 2015.

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The ICPP 2015, will take place in Milan from Wednesday, 1st July to Saturday, 4th July, 2015

Please email milan2015 with any queries regarding ICPP 2015

IPSA 2014 Montreal World Congress : "The Policy Trail"

Please see our special newsletter on IPSA 2014


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The newest issue of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (JCPA) includes three articles that are a result of the 3rd Roundtable of the first ICPP held in Grenoble, 2013.

Zittoun, P., 2014, Introduction : A Comparative Analysis of the Policy Process of Harmonization to Understand the EU Political Crisis. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Research and Practice, 16(1), pp. 1-3, here...

Majone, G., 2014, Policy Harmonization : Limits and Alternatives. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Research and Practice, 16(1), pp. 4-21, here...

Radaelli, C.M., 2014, Majone’s Cathedral, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 16(1), pp. 22-27, here...


The sponsors

The conference and this website are sponsored by :

  • Six Research Committees (RC) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) : RC05 (Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics), RC19 (Gender Politics and Policy), RC25 (Comparative Health Policy), RC30 (Comparative Public Policy), RC32 (Public Policy and Administration), RC38 (Business and Politics)
  • The Standing Group 39 on Theoretical Perspectives in Policy Analysis of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR),
  • The Research Committee of Public Policy and Governance of Russian Political Science Association (RPSA)
  • The Public Policy Section of the The American Political Science Association (APSA)
  • The French Political Science Association (AFSP).
  • The International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Pacte 02 caleche ENTPE IPSA AISP Région Rhône Alpes


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